The waiting game

I’m waiting this two weeks out and letting my mind come around to some things:

1)  I may have some preferences, skill, and knowledge in the kitchen, but I am at a loss at all these foodies on the internet.  Hooboy.  I’ve never seen so many articles devoted to interesting shapes they can make with a side of bacon.  The internet has made the recipe book almost completely useless, and so to fill the void of actually decent content we end up with (ed. note:  I was intending to place a link to the “This is why you’re fat” tumblr, but apparently a Time featured blog can’t make it past a year in this economy) what they call food pornography.  And these foodies are specifically amateur; professional cooks don’t blog and upload photos of every goddam mincemeat bacon souffle they make (bacon is always key).  They have fucking people to feed.  Grow up foodies!  The World (arguably) has space in it for just one Alton Brown!

2)  I am officially moving up a tax bracket with this upcoming employment opportunity.  Out of poverty.  Which means I have to start paying off all the loans i made out over the years.  Which means I basically wont make any money yet.  To another year in poverty!

3)  I rode my bike last night all the way down the Chicago lake shore.  I wore my lightweight egyptian cotton tunic shirt in the humid midwestern air.  Well more like halfway down the shore, I didn’t have bus fare to get back so I had to turn around when I thought I had gone far enough (Vincent Freeman would certainly have had my number).  Anyway I found what appeared to be a music festival near Lincoln Park, and it was getting dark so I couldn’t really see that well but  it seemed like a spanish speaking metal or maybe ska type band playing (at a certain point it ceases to matter).  It was as godawful as you can imagine.  T’was a fine excursion, and I hope the summer brings more like it.

Good night.  You’ve made all the difference just by being there,


P.S. My apologies to Alton Brown, who is in fact a professional.  Professional actor and terrible person.  Not a chef.  Or any kind of cooking professional.  Honestly someone just throw him off a cliff.

P.P.S. Gracing the blogosphere with not one but two blogs is another dear acquaintance from the old days.  One of which is a movie review site?  Good form.

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